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REFLECT on this statement  “if only this would happen I would be able to” Ask yourself, what do I think of when I say this!!!

I know, time and time again I hear people say If only I could win the lotto, or have more time, or had more money (obviously the lotto thing would cover that) I would be able to quit my job and do such and such. I admit I have done that and I still do that. Although now my answer is somewhat different.

I pose this question, have you ever had that fantasy that all entrepreneurs have? The dream is to be able to run your own home based business and be your own boss. In my expereince, there are four things that people will quote that holds them back from that dream; time, money, happiness and freedom. For me what has held me back is all these things. Although I love what I do now, it doesn’t necessarily provide me with the flexibility to work the hours I need to work to fulfil my long term dreams. I know in my heart of hearts there is something more I want to be doing. Some people think I am mad, I earn good money and have great stability. That is great but it does come at a cost, working on terms that are not mine. That is why I am setting myself up now so I have choices, I just wish I had woken up to this possibility a few years back.

Most people understand that there is some risk in operating a home based business or any business for that matter. They often worry about how much it will cost, how frequently they will have to work to make it successful, whether it is going to make them happier than what they already do and if it will provide them with the freedom that running your own home based business is supposed to offer. I can tell you now I had all these thoughts running through my head and to be honest the reason I started is different to the reason I am continuing. The only difference is that my WHY is so much stronger now.

Leap of Faith

For many people, the hardest part is to simply take that leap of faith, and attempt to make their dreams a reality. Now, imagine that you had all four things; time, money, happiness and freedom (or even just a couple of those things). Think about how that could enable your plan, and make a positive change in your life. The other thing to think about is what you want to do for the latter part of your life. Honestly, though, it is not easy changing career at 40, or at any age for that matter.

When I started thinking about starting my home business, I thought about how I now get what people said that having children changes you.

Image: Uluru

I never in my wildest dreams thought it would have such a profound affect on me. In fact, I remember thinking what if I didn’t like being a mum. No doubt many parents are going through similar feelings. I know some of the mums I talk to regularly are all kind of saying the same thing. They are coming close to the age of 40, they have newborns to kids up to the age of five. When you are raising your kids from ages zero to five, I like to call this “enjoy zero to five life”. By making the change in career, you would also be making a legacy that would allow you to better enjoy zero to five life. People that have the aspirations and a clear vision of what they would like to do for a business of their own, will inspire not only their peers around them but also their children.

With a career that you handmade and a lifestyle that allows for the maximum leisure on your part, you will be able to enjoy zero to five life like nobody else. Making a change in career, would enable you to acquire all four of the aforementioned things. Having my own business is going to provide me with the satisfaction of working when I want and where I want, on my terms. This is why I just keep picturing in my mind what it will be like to reach my first set of goals and that makes me more determined than ever. I just won’t fail.

Happiness and Freedom

The happiness and freedom are acquired by the lifestyle that you have crafted for yourself. For some, it will provide them with the ability to enjoy all your kids’ firsts, first step, first word, first play date, and so on. So, stop dreaming, and make this a reality, all you need to do is believe in yourself and all of these things could be yours.


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