Do I Have A Choice?

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Having no flexibility of choice is HARD. Without choice, we are essentially being herded into making decisions about life that we don’t necessarily want or need to do in order to survive. I have felt like this more and more over the last week. I bet you are saying, you actually do have a choice and technically you are correct. It’s just that I don’t have the choice I want… So why am I feeling like that…you may be wondering…

Moving House

Well…we have just been given 90 days to vacate the property we live in because the owner wants the house back. In the past week, we have inspected 18 properties. Today I realised that, although of course, I do have some choices, I don’t have a real flexibility of choice. There was no house that had everything we wanted…we have to compromise what we want for what is out there. When really all I want to do is live in my own home that I can change to fit our furniture and requirements….this whole process for the first time in my life has made me more determined than ever to change the direction we are going. Which is why I am educating myself further to give me the skills to continue to build and grow my two home businesses.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with renting and our present situation requires us to move around quite a bit…which I do actually like doing as we get to experience the lifestyle of many cities in our wonderful country. What I am not in a position to do is buy in the main cities that I am constantly moving back and forth to.


If I had financial freedom I would be able to afford to live in any house that I want and not governed by a budget. I have been watching a number of videos this week and reading articles and blogs about those people that are successful and the one video I really resonated with was an interview with a Former US Navy Seal Officer – John Willink.

He says that Discipline = Freedom (click on the link to watch video) I thought how he was so right in what he was saying. He says that the best way to get to freedom is to use discipline to get there. He uses two main examples in the interview.

These two examples are:

  1. Financial Freedom.  If you want financial freedom, you need to have Financial Discipline.
  2. More Time. If you want more free time, you need to have more discipline in your time management.

Future Plans

How am I going to implement and use those two examples?

For me taking on two home businesses has not been easy and at times I get so overwhelmed that I say to myself if only I had more time. When in fact in reality that is true, but when I actually think about it. I need more DISCIPLINE…I need to be smarter with the way I work. As John Willink says I need to have more discipline with my time management.

What is My Choice

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In the end, we did find a place to live in and no it doesn’t have everything I want, I did have to compromise, which I have accepted that and will move on…

What I did learn though during this process is that I need to be smarter!!! I need to be to be smarter with my time and the way I manage it if I am going to turn around my ability to have the options that I want. Don’t get me wrong it’s going to be hard, I will have to be more disciplined and that’s ok!! That is my choice….

I find that most people that I coach and mentor is they feel exactly the same way. They don’t feel like they have any choices. When in fact they do, its just they don’t have the flexibility of choice. They don’t have the choice they really want to make…

There is only one real way to change that, decide to make the changes needed to get you what you want. Educate yourself, make sacrifices and be committed to being able to have flexibility in choice. Its not going to be easy and I know that because I am going through the same process now.

My last comment is the CHOICE is completely up to YOU…

What do you choose?


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