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Are you ready for change? So often we say that we’re tired of the grind. We tell our friends that we’re sick of our bosses and the nonsense at work. We want to spend more time with our friends or families. For me, I discovered I wanted to spend more time with my daughter by having a career that I can do on my terms. Something that I am passionate about, something I can get my teeth into and something where I can truly earn residual income.


And we have dreams. We dream of owning our own business, create something of our own, have passion/purpose or finish that book we always wanted to write. And then there is the time. We’re tired of spending so much time working towards someone else’s dream. Or tired of actually working from 9 to 5. Have you decided that it’s time to make your own dreams come true?

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Well good. You’ve taken an important first step. You’ve decided that things have to change. From now on, the right mindset is critical. You have to fully commit to the understanding that it’s within your abilities to successfully reach your goals.

Now you have to create a specific dream. What do you want to do when you leave your job? This calls for a quite specific answer. Your answer does not need to be practical, but it does need to be specific. How do you want to make this work? It can be done if you have the right mindset. What do you feel passionate about doing? This is dream time, you’re not limited by anything but your imagination here. But when it comes time to implement your dream, it will have more traction if you put aside issues of making a living and instead aspire to make a difference in the world. Gratification comes from helping others.

Create Goals

After you have created a specific dream it’s time to put meat on the bones of that skeleton. It’s time to create goals. Goals are specific actions that will advance you towards the fulfillment of that dream. Whether your goal is to create a solid online business or a more traditional home-based business, you need to create a plan of action.  For a home-based business, you’re going to need a simple business system. A simple business system is nothing but a series of goals that identify the daily, monthly, and weekly actions you must take in order to reach your dream. Getting to your goal requires discipline and consistency. But these virtues must be applied in the right way to the right tasks.

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How to Move Forward

Part of the problem entrepreneurs face is knowing how to move forward efficiently with their work. Often with new business people work hard but at the wrong things. A simple business system helpsidentify exactly how to go about building your business. You’ll know where to direct your efforts and when to pay attention to specific parts of your business. What I found was there is a simple way to educate yourself that will give you all the tools to help you find your way. How it is helping me is by allowing me to discover what it is I want, what it is that truly gives me purpose. As I educate myself further and understand what it means to be successful, my mindset is evolving which in turn is opening up new opportunities and possibilities. Reaching my dream is so much closer and becoming a reality.

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