Finding Your Purpose

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How Do You Define Your Purpose?

Do you wonder, sometimes, what your purpose in life is? We all do at certain points, but people define purpose in varying ways and travel divergent paths to reach those pinnacles, those moments in which they reach their full potentials. You want to feel that you are on the right path for you. You want more meaning. You don’t want to only snooze through life on auto-pilot or trudge the streets to a 9-5. If you’re a mother, you don’t want to miss those all-important first-time experiences with your children. You want to see your child’s first step, not have the babysitter tell you about it. After all, your child is a huge part of your life. Your child is a big part of your purpose.

But even parents have other aspirations in life. You want a career. You want to feel like you are contributing to your community and the world in a tangible way, or you at least need an income to support your family. You want to find a combination of goals and experiences that make you feel alive. You also want the time to share your love of life with the people who matter the most. Everyone’s path might be a little different and yours might not be same as your neighbour’s, but there are a few things that, time and again, people want more of. People want more fun, actionable goals, the ability to place a higher priority on family. People want more of what makes them excited, alive, enthusiastic to jump in and get the most out of life.

The Importance of Fun in Your Purpose

Often times people think that purpose can only be defined through an occupation, but you want more out of life. You want to have some fun, too. Maybe you want to go golfing or have a girls’ night out. Maybe you want to have more nights out with your spouse or travel to different parts of the country or world. Maybe you want to have a hobby or enjoy a good meal out with friends and family. Enjoying life is underrated in some circles, but some fun is integral to achieving happiness, personal fulfilment, and emotional well-being. Fun is part of being a healthy person, and a healthy person is someone who is more prepared to take on new challenges.

Meaningful Work and Your Purpose

A purpose in life is also about having goals to work toward. You might want to open your own business or finish your nursing degree. Whatever it is, people often need some kind of meaningful work and people need a sense of moving forward. Having goals can help you do just that. You can track your progress in milestones and feel that sense of moving forward.

Friends, Family, and Children are Part of Your Purpose

You also want time with the people who matter most to you. Close friends and family can give you a wonderful sense of fulfilment. After all, if you don’t have anyone to share your successes with, all the money and prestige in the world can begin to feel hollow. You might also define success through your ability to raise your children and give them the love and support that they need. Maybe you want to spend more time watching your children at karate class. You might want to pass along the tips and words of advice that you wish that you had received as a child.

More quality time with your spouse might also be what will make you feel fulfilled. Date night can make you feel more connected to your partner. And, after all, if you choose to have a life with this person, they must be at least part of your purpose.

You’ll Know You Have Purpose When You Feel Enthusiastic About Life

Image: Gnome in the Garden - You'll Know You Have Purpose When You Feel Enthusiastic About Life

Finally, feeling a sense of excitement is one of the greatest feelings that life has to offer. Feeling excited to start the day is one of the hallmarks that your life has purpose and meaning. No one wants to drag themselves out of bed and trudge through the day, go to bed exhausted, and then awaken the next day equally tired as the day before. We all want to be ready to leap out of bed and start the day. A little bit of variety can be a great catalyst in lighting that feeling of exuberance for life.

Having purpose can make you feel good, but feeling good in your life can also add purpose. Make the most of every day, enjoy every moment, and feel yourself finding more purpose, day after day and year after year.


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