Realities of the Modern World

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difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations

Unsustainable Lifestyle

In my humble opinion the modern world, particularly the major cities has created an unsustainable lifestyle for people. I am speaking mainly about those people who have the responsibility for raising a family. In my city, it is extremely rare that you find that one parent (if there is a two parent family) that can stay at home and look after their children full time until they go off to school and not have to sacrifice too much. The rising prices of mortgages and rents make it unachievable for that to occur. Then there is the single parent who also doesn’t have a great deal of choice. The pressure faced by families is enormous.

When I sit back and listen to my friends and family, I hear stress, strain and frustration. I hear people talk about what their perfect day would look like and when I think of what that might look like for them and for me, it takes me to a life that is slower and more relaxed. Time to think, time to enjoy moments, a time where I am not rushing to drop my daughter at childcare, rushing to get to work, rushing to get to the shops before I pick my daughter up, I am sure you get the picture. It’s also at these moments that frighten me as I think it doesn’t take much to make a mistake because distraction can occur. Mindfulness is whole other topic.

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The Conversation

Recently I went to the doctors because I was feeling extremely overwhelmed, anxious and really just out of sorts. My partner recently had to go away to work for a lengthy period of time, so juggling a full-time job, a 3.5-year-old daughter, two dogs and the house became a source of anxiety. The doctor said I should try and take a breathe and suggested working half days for the next few weeks. I took his advice, however, the first week my daughter was sick, so looking after her was my first priority. Anyway once she went back to school I said to myself I would start walking her to school, spend some quality time with her and catch up on the things I needed to do, calm my mind and get some control back…I never expected what happened next.

My daughter and I were walking to child care and she just started talking to me, she said ‘Mum, lets talk about Ariel (little mermaid for those that don’t know), why does she have a mermaid tail, I said so she can swim underwater, then she said mum why does she want to be a human? I said…hmmm I am not sure but maybe she just wants to walk on land…then she continued on and said mum, let’s talk about…Snow White, lets talk about Cinderella and so on. It then just dawned on me, that we were having a real conversation, she was engaging me in a proper discussion.

What was particularly amazing about that conversation was that it would never have really happened if I had been rushing to get her to school or rushing to get home so I could cook dinner. Its these really important moments that you don’t get when you are rushing about. I was so grateful that I had that time with her, we got to smell the flowers together and just talk and spend quality time together. Now I know how important that time is. I am now more committed than ever to continue to educate myself with the skills and tools to make this a reality.


Removing The Stress

The more I think about it and the more I talk to people the more I am certain that many people who work want to have more flexibility and freedom in their life. More people than ever are starting to look for opportunities to work from home in order to spend quality time with their family. Spending quality of time with family is essential in order to live a balanced life.

For a working mother or parents for that matter, this is a difficult process to deal with. Not only are we all trying to provide for our families, but we are managing the responsibilities of running a home as well. This is one of the reasons why I feel so strongly about helping families with looking at other options. If the struggle was removed, life would be so different.

In reality, the cost of daycare is expected to increase. Wages are a source of frustration for many people who are not getting ahead financially. Instead of investing for the future, most people are just trying to pay off debt or just living week to week. For me as a Training Specialist, I believe that investing in learning, through training and education are critical to improving your future.

Finding a Balance

The good news is that there are more opportunities than ever before to live a balanced life. Not only does technology make this process easier, but many companies are starting to realize the value of helping others spend more time with family.

If you feel like me take a look at the training platform I am using to assist me with my journey to find balance. I can send you a free 7-day video series that can show you what is possible.


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