About Me

Family First is what I am all about. Ever since I can remember it’s always been about my family.

I am a mother to a beautiful daughter who inspires me every day to be a better person. She has opened my eyes that there can be a better way. Life is about living, smelling the roses and taking action to living the life you want and deserve.

I was extremely fortunate to have a supportive family, not rich in the money sense but rich in love and support.  In 2013, my stepfather was taken tragically from us.  As a result of this, the way I look at life is different. I am now focused on creating a life where I have more choices in order to support my family. I am committed to creating a life where I can be around for my daughter as she grows up and provide her with a life where we are not restricted by money or my work hours.

It’s incredible how a child can change the way you look at life.

I am passionate about helping others grow.  My years of experience working with a wide variety of people has shown that leading by example is important and can’t be underestimated.

Helping to mentor others is so very rewarding, what I mean by that is watching people make decisions on what is right for them is very powerful.

I have always been extremely sport orientated. I am a Physical Education Teacher by profession and am an accomplished sportsperson in a number of different sports. From my early days, this was always my strength and as I grew as an Athlete and a person I found the principles and dynamics of sporting teams were something that could easily be transferred into any profession.

I have been working in an industry where leadership is essential. Being able to lead a group of people, whether a small group or large, challenging. Not anyone method can be used for everyone. You need to develop a skill set that can easily identify the type pf leadership that needs to be used in any situation.

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