Importance of Mindset and Creating Opportunites

Importance of Mindset and Creating Opportunites

In the midst of our busy lives, it is all too possible to overlook the importance of mindset. The daily routine can become an obstacle blocking us from our most important goals. As a working mum with a packed schedule, I have learnt two mindset tips that help me continue working on my own passions at the end of the day. These are:

1. Focus on me, and

2. Be present.

Focus on Me

I am realising more and more as I reflect on my values, I have always wanted to make a difference in the lives of people around me. Many of my goals and passions are centred around giving back to my family and those around me. At the end of a long workday, however, my energy to work on those passions is often nowhere to be found. This is why it’s so important to get into the mindset of focusing on ourselves. I have found my output is much higher when, consistently throughout the day, I focus on myself and what I need to do to function at my best. Again this is not easy but a choice that needs to be made at times.

So this month I am part of a great program where we are committing to particular components of our lives and challenging ourselves to meet specific goals surrounding our Health, Personal and Business Goals. One of my personal goals is to practice Mindfulness and/or meditation every day!!!

Simply put, focusing on myself helps me accomplish my daily goals with greater efficiency. It also helps in seizing the opportunities that present themselves in everyday life. By the end of the day, I am starting to save a great deal of mental energy by preventing my mind from wandering into the realm of other people’s problems. Ironic as it sounds, focusing on ourselves is a crucial element of a mindset that makes a big difference in other people’s lives.

Be present

Perhaps more importantly, I have tried to facilitate a mindset of absolute presence. In addition to letting my mind wander into the lives of others, I have also had difficulty staying focused on my own tasks. Presence is a quality that helps maintain an absolute dedication to one goal at a time.

Every day, I have to make a conscious effort to remain present and since starting that habit, I am starting to enjoy the time spent with friends and family and have made huge strides in my personal projects. By filtering out the worry of everything else scheduled for myself and my family, I have found it easier to start reaching my potential in working towards goals, planning for the future and giving back to the people around me.

Between working, planning for the security of my family and maintaining my personal goals, I have needed all the help I can get. Nothing has helped me more than putting myself in a healthy and focused mindset. Don’t get me wrong it is challenging and some days its the last thing I do before going to bed, but, in my mind, I am succeeding.

I am enjoying the challenge of becoming more present and working with people who are like minded. They have made this journey all the more enjoyable and is opening up so many more opportunities for growth and development. Within that, it’s extremely reassuring to see others who are also going through the same issues day in and day out. I am more certain with each day that this path I am on is where I am meant to be.


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Realities of the Modern World

Realities of the Modern World

difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations

Unsustainable Lifestyle

In my humble opinion the modern world, particularly the major cities has created an unsustainable lifestyle for people. I am speaking mainly about those people who have the responsibility for raising a family. In my city, it is extremely rare that you find that one parent (if there is a two parent family) that can stay at home and look after their children full time until they go off to school and not have to sacrifice too much. The rising prices of mortgages and rents make it unachievable for that to occur. Then there is the single parent who also doesn’t have a great deal of choice. The pressure faced by families is enormous.

When I sit back and listen to my friends and family, I hear stress, strain and frustration. I hear people talk about what their perfect day would look like and when I think of what that might look like for them and for me, it takes me to a life that is slower and more relaxed. Time to think, time to enjoy moments, a time where I am not rushing to drop my daughter at childcare, rushing to get to work, rushing to get to the shops before I pick my daughter up, I am sure you get the picture. It’s also at these moments that frighten me as I think it doesn’t take much to make a mistake because distraction can occur. Mindfulness is whole other topic.

enjoying a busker's performance

The Conversation

Recently I went to the doctors because I was feeling extremely overwhelmed, anxious and really just out of sorts. My partner recently had to go away to work for a lengthy period of time, so juggling a full-time job, a 3.5-year-old daughter, two dogs and the house became a source of anxiety. The doctor said I should try and take a breathe and suggested working half days for the next few weeks. I took his advice, however, the first week my daughter was sick, so looking after her was my first priority. Anyway once she went back to school I said to myself I would start walking her to school, spend some quality time with her and catch up on the things I needed to do, calm my mind and get some control back…I never expected what happened next.

My daughter and I were walking to child care and she just started talking to me, she said ‘Mum, lets talk about Ariel (little mermaid for those that don’t know), why does she have a mermaid tail, I said so she can swim underwater, then she said mum why does she want to be a human? I said…hmmm I am not sure but maybe she just wants to walk on land…then she continued on and said mum, let’s talk about…Snow White, lets talk about Cinderella and so on. It then just dawned on me, that we were having a real conversation, she was engaging me in a proper discussion.

What was particularly amazing about that conversation was that it would never have really happened if I had been rushing to get her to school or rushing to get home so I could cook dinner. Its these really important moments that you don’t get when you are rushing about. I was so grateful that I had that time with her, we got to smell the flowers together and just talk and spend quality time together. Now I know how important that time is. I am now more committed than ever to continue to educate myself with the skills and tools to make this a reality.


Removing The Stress

The more I think about it and the more I talk to people the more I am certain that many people who work want to have more flexibility and freedom in their life. More people than ever are starting to look for opportunities to work from home in order to spend quality time with their family. Spending quality of time with family is essential in order to live a balanced life.

For a working mother or parents for that matter, this is a difficult process to deal with. Not only are we all trying to provide for our families, but we are managing the responsibilities of running a home as well. This is one of the reasons why I feel so strongly about helping families with looking at other options. If the struggle was removed, life would be so different.

In reality, the cost of daycare is expected to increase. Wages are a source of frustration for many people who are not getting ahead financially. Instead of investing for the future, most people are just trying to pay off debt or just living week to week. For me as a Training Specialist, I believe that investing in learning, through training and education are critical to improving your future.

Finding a Balance

The good news is that there are more opportunities than ever before to live a balanced life. Not only does technology make this process easier, but many companies are starting to realize the value of helping others spend more time with family.

If you feel like me take a look at the training platform I am using to assist me with my journey to find balance. I can send you a free 7-day video series that can show you what is possible.


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Finding Your Purpose

Finding Your Purpose

Image: Runners - Finding Your Purpose

How Do You Define Your Purpose?

Do you wonder, sometimes, what your purpose in life is? We all do at certain points, but people define purpose in varying ways and travel divergent paths to reach those pinnacles, those moments in which they reach their full potentials. You want to feel that you are on the right path for you. You want more meaning. You don’t want to only snooze through life on auto-pilot or trudge the streets to a 9-5. If you’re a mother, you don’t want to miss those all-important first-time experiences with your children. You want to see your child’s first step, not have the babysitter tell you about it. After all, your child is a huge part of your life. Your child is a big part of your purpose.

But even parents have other aspirations in life. You want a career. You want to feel like you are contributing to your community and the world in a tangible way, or you at least need an income to support your family. You want to find a combination of goals and experiences that make you feel alive. You also want the time to share your love of life with the people who matter the most. Everyone’s path might be a little different and yours might not be same as your neighbour’s, but there are a few things that, time and again, people want more of. People want more fun, actionable goals, the ability to place a higher priority on family. People want more of what makes them excited, alive, enthusiastic to jump in and get the most out of life.

The Importance of Fun in Your Purpose

Often times people think that purpose can only be defined through an occupation, but you want more out of life. You want to have some fun, too. Maybe you want to go golfing or have a girls’ night out. Maybe you want to have more nights out with your spouse or travel to different parts of the country or world. Maybe you want to have a hobby or enjoy a good meal out with friends and family. Enjoying life is underrated in some circles, but some fun is integral to achieving happiness, personal fulfilment, and emotional well-being. Fun is part of being a healthy person, and a healthy person is someone who is more prepared to take on new challenges.

Meaningful Work and Your Purpose

A purpose in life is also about having goals to work toward. You might want to open your own business or finish your nursing degree. Whatever it is, people often need some kind of meaningful work and people need a sense of moving forward. Having goals can help you do just that. You can track your progress in milestones and feel that sense of moving forward.

Friends, Family, and Children are Part of Your Purpose

You also want time with the people who matter most to you. Close friends and family can give you a wonderful sense of fulfilment. After all, if you don’t have anyone to share your successes with, all the money and prestige in the world can begin to feel hollow. You might also define success through your ability to raise your children and give them the love and support that they need. Maybe you want to spend more time watching your children at karate class. You might want to pass along the tips and words of advice that you wish that you had received as a child.

More quality time with your spouse might also be what will make you feel fulfilled. Date night can make you feel more connected to your partner. And, after all, if you choose to have a life with this person, they must be at least part of your purpose.

You’ll Know You Have Purpose When You Feel Enthusiastic About Life

Image: Gnome in the Garden - You'll Know You Have Purpose When You Feel Enthusiastic About Life

Finally, feeling a sense of excitement is one of the greatest feelings that life has to offer. Feeling excited to start the day is one of the hallmarks that your life has purpose and meaning. No one wants to drag themselves out of bed and trudge through the day, go to bed exhausted, and then awaken the next day equally tired as the day before. We all want to be ready to leap out of bed and start the day. A little bit of variety can be a great catalyst in lighting that feeling of exuberance for life.

Having purpose can make you feel good, but feeling good in your life can also add purpose. Make the most of every day, enjoy every moment, and feel yourself finding more purpose, day after day and year after year.


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Make Your Dream A Reality

Make Your Dream A Reality

Image: Skiing - Make Your Dreams a Reality

Are you ready for change? So often we say that we’re tired of the grind. We tell our friends that we’re sick of our bosses and the nonsense at work. We want to spend more time with our friends or families. For me, I discovered I wanted to spend more time with my daughter by having a career that I can do on my terms. Something that I am passionate about, something I can get my teeth into and something where I can truly earn residual income.


And we have dreams. We dream of owning our own business, create something of our own, have passion/purpose or finish that book we always wanted to write. And then there is the time. We’re tired of spending so much time working towards someone else’s dream. Or tired of actually working from 9 to 5. Have you decided that it’s time to make your own dreams come true?

Image: Australian Outback - Make Your Dreams a Reality

Well good. You’ve taken an important first step. You’ve decided that things have to change. From now on, the right mindset is critical. You have to fully commit to the understanding that it’s within your abilities to successfully reach your goals.

Now you have to create a specific dream. What do you want to do when you leave your job? This calls for a quite specific answer. Your answer does not need to be practical, but it does need to be specific. How do you want to make this work? It can be done if you have the right mindset. What do you feel passionate about doing? This is dream time, you’re not limited by anything but your imagination here. But when it comes time to implement your dream, it will have more traction if you put aside issues of making a living and instead aspire to make a difference in the world. Gratification comes from helping others.

Create Goals

After you have created a specific dream it’s time to put meat on the bones of that skeleton. It’s time to create goals. Goals are specific actions that will advance you towards the fulfillment of that dream. Whether your goal is to create a solid online business or a more traditional home-based business, you need to create a plan of action.  For a home-based business, you’re going to need a simple business system. A simple business system is nothing but a series of goals that identify the daily, monthly, and weekly actions you must take in order to reach your dream. Getting to your goal requires discipline and consistency. But these virtues must be applied in the right way to the right tasks.

Image: Create Goals

How to Move Forward

Part of the problem entrepreneurs face is knowing how to move forward efficiently with their work. Often with new business people work hard but at the wrong things. A simple business system helpsidentify exactly how to go about building your business. You’ll know where to direct your efforts and when to pay attention to specific parts of your business. What I found was there is a simple way to educate yourself that will give you all the tools to help you find your way. How it is helping me is by allowing me to discover what it is I want, what it is that truly gives me purpose. As I educate myself further and understand what it means to be successful, my mindset is evolving which in turn is opening up new opportunities and possibilities. Reaching my dream is so much closer and becoming a reality.

If you would like to know more about how I am doing this, click on the more information tab below and you will be sent a business startup bundle. Its packed with loads of information and strategies that will get your mind moving. There is no time like now to open that door to the possibility of something more….


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Do I Have A Choice?

Do I Have A Choice?

Image: Row of Front Doors - Choices

Having no flexibility of choice is HARD. Without choice, we are essentially being herded into making decisions about life that we don’t necessarily want or need to do in order to survive. I have felt like this more and more over the last week. I bet you are saying, you actually do have a choice and technically you are correct. It’s just that I don’t have the choice I want… So why am I feeling like that…you may be wondering…

Moving House

Well…we have just been given 90 days to vacate the property we live in because the owner wants the house back. In the past week, we have inspected 18 properties. Today I realised that, although of course, I do have some choices, I don’t have a real flexibility of choice. There was no house that had everything we wanted…we have to compromise what we want for what is out there. When really all I want to do is live in my own home that I can change to fit our furniture and requirements….this whole process for the first time in my life has made me more determined than ever to change the direction we are going. Which is why I am educating myself further to give me the skills to continue to build and grow my two home businesses.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with renting and our present situation requires us to move around quite a bit…which I do actually like doing as we get to experience the lifestyle of many cities in our wonderful country. What I am not in a position to do is buy in the main cities that I am constantly moving back and forth to.


If I had financial freedom I would be able to afford to live in any house that I want and not governed by a budget. I have been watching a number of videos this week and reading articles and blogs about those people that are successful and the one video I really resonated with was an interview with a Former US Navy Seal Officer – John Willink.

He says that Discipline = Freedom (click on the link to watch video) I thought how he was so right in what he was saying. He says that the best way to get to freedom is to use discipline to get there. He uses two main examples in the interview.

These two examples are:

  1. Financial Freedom.  If you want financial freedom, you need to have Financial Discipline.
  2. More Time. If you want more free time, you need to have more discipline in your time management.

Future Plans

How am I going to implement and use those two examples?

For me taking on two home businesses has not been easy and at times I get so overwhelmed that I say to myself if only I had more time. When in fact in reality that is true, but when I actually think about it. I need more DISCIPLINE…I need to be smarter with the way I work. As John Willink says I need to have more discipline with my time management.

What is My Choice

Image: People at the Beach - My Choice

In the end, we did find a place to live in and no it doesn’t have everything I want, I did have to compromise, which I have accepted that and will move on…

What I did learn though during this process is that I need to be smarter!!! I need to be to be smarter with my time and the way I manage it if I am going to turn around my ability to have the options that I want. Don’t get me wrong it’s going to be hard, I will have to be more disciplined and that’s ok!! That is my choice….

I find that most people that I coach and mentor is they feel exactly the same way. They don’t feel like they have any choices. When in fact they do, its just they don’t have the flexibility of choice. They don’t have the choice they really want to make…

There is only one real way to change that, decide to make the changes needed to get you what you want. Educate yourself, make sacrifices and be committed to being able to have flexibility in choice. Its not going to be easy and I know that because I am going through the same process now.

My last comment is the CHOICE is completely up to YOU…

What do you choose?


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If Only…I Would

If Only…I Would

Image: Uluru

REFLECT on this statement  “if only this would happen I would be able to” Ask yourself, what do I think of when I say this!!!

I know, time and time again I hear people say If only I could win the lotto, or have more time, or had more money (obviously the lotto thing would cover that) I would be able to quit my job and do such and such. I admit I have done that and I still do that. Although now my answer is somewhat different.

I pose this question, have you ever had that fantasy that all entrepreneurs have? The dream is to be able to run your own home based business and be your own boss. In my expereince, there are four things that people will quote that holds them back from that dream; time, money, happiness and freedom. For me what has held me back is all these things. Although I love what I do now, it doesn’t necessarily provide me with the flexibility to work the hours I need to work to fulfil my long term dreams. I know in my heart of hearts there is something more I want to be doing. Some people think I am mad, I earn good money and have great stability. That is great but it does come at a cost, working on terms that are not mine. That is why I am setting myself up now so I have choices, I just wish I had woken up to this possibility a few years back.

Most people understand that there is some risk in operating a home based business or any business for that matter. They often worry about how much it will cost, how frequently they will have to work to make it successful, whether it is going to make them happier than what they already do and if it will provide them with the freedom that running your own home based business is supposed to offer. I can tell you now I had all these thoughts running through my head and to be honest the reason I started is different to the reason I am continuing. The only difference is that my WHY is so much stronger now.

Leap of Faith

For many people, the hardest part is to simply take that leap of faith, and attempt to make their dreams a reality. Now, imagine that you had all four things; time, money, happiness and freedom (or even just a couple of those things). Think about how that could enable your plan, and make a positive change in your life. The other thing to think about is what you want to do for the latter part of your life. Honestly, though, it is not easy changing career at 40, or at any age for that matter.

When I started thinking about starting my home business, I thought about how I now get what people said that having children changes you.

Image: Uluru

I never in my wildest dreams thought it would have such a profound affect on me. In fact, I remember thinking what if I didn’t like being a mum. No doubt many parents are going through similar feelings. I know some of the mums I talk to regularly are all kind of saying the same thing. They are coming close to the age of 40, they have newborns to kids up to the age of five. When you are raising your kids from ages zero to five, I like to call this “enjoy zero to five life”. By making the change in career, you would also be making a legacy that would allow you to better enjoy zero to five life. People that have the aspirations and a clear vision of what they would like to do for a business of their own, will inspire not only their peers around them but also their children.

With a career that you handmade and a lifestyle that allows for the maximum leisure on your part, you will be able to enjoy zero to five life like nobody else. Making a change in career, would enable you to acquire all four of the aforementioned things. Having my own business is going to provide me with the satisfaction of working when I want and where I want, on my terms. This is why I just keep picturing in my mind what it will be like to reach my first set of goals and that makes me more determined than ever. I just won’t fail.

Happiness and Freedom

The happiness and freedom are acquired by the lifestyle that you have crafted for yourself. For some, it will provide them with the ability to enjoy all your kids’ firsts, first step, first word, first play date, and so on. So, stop dreaming, and make this a reality, all you need to do is believe in yourself and all of these things could be yours.


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